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iClone Live Props 

iClone 3D Live Props contain 3D props with embedded animation segments. It is usually used to contain multiple animation clips to represent the multiple movements of a living creature.

The behavior of Live Props can be set in the timeline by right clicking and selecting target animation clips, eg. a horse can run, trot, breath, gallop, jump, etc. It can also define idle motion in loop to provide a live mode in stand-by status.

iClone 3D Props

iClone 3D Props are optimized for polygon count and texture size.   

3D Props are made with predefined UV which users can easily modify the appearance by following the texture with UV reference. It comes with predefined pivot for animation, and usually with proper ground initial alignment.

3D Props can also contains idle animation pre-made with many 3D modeling tools. Users can merge several props to form new props inside the preview window.


iClone (Character) Texture

Based on iClone character body styles, iClone Texture gives the same body a new look. The texture UV design is compliant to iClone character texturing system. Several texture channels such as diffuse, opacity, reflection, glow, bump or normal, can be included in Texture pack. Users can load textures in their respective Modify panel, or load well textured character in Avatar > Character page


iClone 3D Particle F/X (Supported by iClone 2.0 or above)

iClone 3D Particle F/X is a blitz entity created with emitters. It can be positioned, rotated, started, stopped, or parented.

By altering the texture and particle parameters, such as density, force, speed, direction, and life cycle, users can generate sophisticated visual effects such as fire, smoke, blast, sparkle, magic, fountain, fireworks, etc. It can also be used to generate environmental atmosphere like rain, snow, and fog.

Particle emitters can be attached to any scene object, such as a character or animated prop, to generate dynamic particle trailing effects, eg. rockets bursting with flaming engine fire and smoke puffs from the exhausted pipe of a racing car.

iClone Accessory

iClone Accessories is compliant to iClone characters with proper scale design and allows direct attachment to target character elements, such as head, hands, torso, and legs. iClone Accessory can move along with character, eg. a hat on the head, a sword held in the hand, a necklace wrapped around the character's neck, etc.


Scene > 2048x2048 or 4096x4096
Character > 1024x1024

Scene> 1024x1024
Character > 512x512 
Props > 512x512

Scene < 512x512
Character <512x512
Props: <256x256


iClone Motion

iClone Motion is compliant to iClone character bone structure and based on motion capture of natural human motions. Users can apply iClone Motion to both iClone G1 and G2 characters and directly edit motions in Motion Editor


iClone Material

iClone Material includes settings and textures of materials

-Multiple channel texture & settings (Diffuse, Opacity, Glow, Bump (Normal included), Specular, Reflection)
-Reflection and Refraction Effects;
-Diffuse, Ambient and Specular Colors;
-Opacity, Self-illumination and Specularity

You can easily load a material to alter or enhance the surface quality of a model


Polygon gives details, smooth surface, and better shading result. High polygon models trade off real-time performance with visual quality, and require higher end 3D graphic accelerators to keep basic rendering power for smooth animation.

>20,000 polygon for Avatar

or > 2,000 for props, accessories

or > 2000 for scenes

Reference: around 70,000 to 200,000 polygons for Poser and DAZ characters


10,000~20,000 polygon for iClone Native Character

or > 1,000~2000 for props, accessories

or 1000 ~ > 2000 for scenes


<10,000 polygon for Character

or < 1,000 for props, accessories

or < 1000 for scenes

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